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Screen Shot Mousemallow.png

Animal: Mouse

Candy: Marshmallow

Level: 2

Base Value: 300 coins

Attack: Mouse Traps

In-Game Description

"My crazy grandmother always said: (1) Mousemallows are never bigger than the gap under the pantry door, (2) never fall for the 'blind' routine, and (3) never trust a Mousemallow wearing pants!"

Species Conflicts

  • Mousemallows are scared of and will run away from Syrupents, Lickatoads, and Kittyflosses
  • In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise, having a Mousemallow present in the garden will prevent Elephanillas from appearing. This does not apply to the other games
  • Hootyfruitys will hunt and eat Mousemallows

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