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Screen Shot Lackatoad.png

Lackatoad (Pocket Paradise)

Animal: Poison Dart Frog

Candy: Lakrisal

Level: ???

Base Value: 1500 coins

In-Game Description

"Saturating with toxins, who knows what this poor Lackatoad is seeing? It's like a bad dream that you can't wake up from."




  • Have 4 Arocknids in the garden
  • Have 60 square pinometers of water (6%)
  • Has eaten 2 Toadstools
  • Have a Lackatoad house in the garden

Species Variant

  • Feeding a Bluebell to a Lackatoad changes their color to blue


  • Eating 1 Lackatoad helps meet the Fourheads Romance requirements

Other Info.

  • You may need to feed a Lickatoad 5 or 6 nightshade berries before they turn into a Lackatoad

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