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Prickly Pear

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Screen Shot Prickly Pear.png

Level: 6

Base Value: -210 coins

Fertilizer: N/A

Seed Price: 46 coins

In-Game Description

"This is a nasty little plant. Not only does it have horrid spines, but it will confuse any Piñata that eats it."

If a resident pinata eats a Prickly Pear flower, they will become a non-resident and will most likely leave the garden.



  • You can purchase prickly pear seeds from Costolot's General Store, use your seed pouch, or Seedos may spread them about if you hit him with your Shovel


  • Weeds will grow anywhere except in water
  • Weeds are more likely to plant themselves and require no watering



  • Eating one prickly pear seed helps meet the Limeoceros Resident requirements
  • Feeding a prickly pear seed to a Hogurt or Cocoadile helps meet their Trick requirements


  • Having 4 prickly pears in the garden helps meet the Fizzlybear Visit requirements
  • Eating 2 prickly pears helps meet the Fizzlybear Resident requirements

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