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Screen Shot Profitamole.png

Animal: Mole

Candy: Profiterole

Level: 6

Base Value: 1600 coins

Attack: Pick Axes

In-Game Description

"All that time spent underground has deteriorated the Profitamole's eyes so that they can barely see. This has probably saved the species because, let's face it, Profitamoles don't look too hot."

Sour Version

Screen Shot Sour Profitamole.png

"Like a furry soil torpedo of doom, the Sour Profitamole rips through the ground leaving a raw channel of destruction behind it."

As a sour, the Profitamole will attack your flowers and leave behind piles of dirt! When you tame one, the Profitamole can work in the mine or eat piles of dirt depending on the game.

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