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Blueberry Bush

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Screen Shot Blueberry Bush.png

Produces: Blueberries

Level: 5

Base Value: 150 coins

Fertilizer: Blue

Seed Price: 33 coins

Produce Price: 150 coins

In-Game Description

"There aren't many blue foods. In fact, most blue things are not very appetizing. However, blueberries are different - they grow on this little bush and will no doubt help you to attract new varieties of Pinatas."



  • You can purchase blueberry seeds or blueberries from Costolot's General Store, use your seed pouch, or try talking with Seedos to get a blueberry seed.


  • Blueberry bushes need to be planted in grass, long grass, or soil.

Full Growth

  • Apply an application of blue fertilizer immediately after planting the seed. Wait until the bush shakes off their leaves for the first time to apply the second application of fertilizer. Then wait until the bush shakes off their leaves the second to last time to apply the final application of fertilizer.

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