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Costolot (Pocket Paradise)

Costolot is the owner of the General Store in the Village, where you can buy gardening supplies in exchange for chocolate coins. In Pocket Paradise, the products you'll be able to purchase are seeds, fruit, vegetables, produce, fencing, paving, the long grass seed packet, watering can upgrades, garden decorations and tower of sour blocks, with fertilizer and candy no longer being available. You can also go to Costolot's store to sell most things in your garden, including Pinatas, for 1/5 of their buying price. Occasionally, Costolot will have a sale where you can purchase any item in the shop for 25% off their original price.

Other Info.

  • Leafos sometimes refers to Costolot as "Lottie"
  • Costolot is Willy Builder's wife, and according to Leafos, he can get so "Cluckle-pecked" by Costolot that he has to sit in the shed so she can watch exactly what she wants on TV

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