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Zombie Pirate

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Zombie Pirate GBTG icon.png Zombie Pirate
Zombie Pirate GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 2–5
Number of scenes 16
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 60
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 1 (with peg leg)
5 (with cutlass)
6 (throwing a treasure chest)
Weaknesses Water squirter

Zombie Pirates are a type of Ghouly which appear in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. They are relatives of Zombies, and are led by the Zombie Pirate Captain. Zombie Pirates have 60 Energy. They are first encountered in Chapter 2, Scene 8: Lighthouse Living Quarters. Every Zombie Pirate carries around a cutlass.


Cooper battling some Zombie Pirates in Chapter 2, Scene 13: Dining Room

Zombie Pirate uses three different attacks. If one gets close enough to Cooper, he kicks him with his peg leg, dealing only 1 Energy of damage. A Zombie Pirate does this three times to make Cooper dizzy, and then uses his cutlass to charge at Cooper. If struck, Cooper loses 5 Energy. Starting with Chapter 2, Scene 17: Kitchen, Zombie Pirates attack by throwing a treasure chest at Cooper. The treasure chest is brown and has a golden lock. If a treasure chest breaks, gold coins spill out of it. If Cooper gets hit, he loses 6 Energy. Sometimes a Zombie Pirate takes out a brown bottle, drinks from it, and burps. If a Zombie Pirate gets hit by Cooper while drinking, he turns red, and therefore invincible, for a few seconds and uses its treasure chest attack.

Zombie Pirates can instantly be defeated if they get struck by a cutlass. This may occur if a Zombie Pirate accidentally stabs another with his cutlass from trying to attack Cooper. A Zombie Pirate puts down his cutlass whenever he throws a treasure chest before picking it back up. This gives Cooper the opportunity to pick up his cutlass and use it as a Temporary Weapon. Being a Temporary Weapon, the cutlass breaks after a few uses, although this does not occur whenever they are used by Zombie Pirates. If a Zombie Pirate is defeated while holding his cutlass, it breaks. Cooper can quickly drain the Energy of a Zombie Pirate by using the water squirter on him, just like Zombies.


Zombie Pirates are the main enemies in Chapter 2, Scene 13: Dining Room, where the Zombie Pirate Captain accuses Cooper for going after their food, so he commands the three Zombie Pirates to go after Cooper. When Cooper defeats a Zombie Pirate, the Captain declares him to be stronger than expected, so he calls upon several more Zombie Pirates to fight Cooper as well. Cooper has to complete a One Breed Challenge, in which he must defeat every Zombie Pirate and their captain so that he may continue to the next scene.

A Zombie Pirate also has a role in Chapter 2, Scene 21: Farmyard. When Cooper defeats Roger the Cabin Boy, a Zombie Pirate breaks out from a boarded-up window in the Chicken Shed. He is furious at Cooper for defeating Roger who, according to him, had only two days until retirement. The Zombie Pirate calls in the others to attack Cooper alongside him.

In Chapter 5, Scene 5: Dining Room, a number of Zombie Pirates confront Cooper just after Mr. Ribs freed the prisoner, whom they treated as prize pig.


General information

Physical appearance

Zombie Pirates are overweight male zombies with light blue skin, several visible bruises, a bald head, a round nose, and a black beard. Some of their skin is missing on the right side of their mouth, leaving their teeth and gums exposed.

Zombie Pirates wear a black eye patch on their right eye. They have a peg leg as their left leg. Zombie Pirates also wear red pants with yellow stripes, a large black belt with a golden buckle around their waist, and a ripped-up brown coat with golden buttons and a missing left sleeve. Zombie Pirates each carry a large cutlass with a golden handle.


Zombie Pirates have the stereotypical attitude and vernacular of a pirate, and say "arr!" whenever they get hit. Zombie Pirates are among the more intelligent Ghoulies, as they are capable of talking and even commanding other Ghoulies.