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Skeleton (Grabbed by the Ghoulies)

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Skeleton GBTG icon.png Skeleton
Skeleton GBTG.png
Chapter(s) All of them
Number of scenes 40
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 20
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 1Energy (punching)
3Energy (uppercut)
5 Energy (swingable weapon)
6 Energy (throwable weapon)
Weaknesses None

Skeletons are an enemy in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


Skeletons are a type of Ghouly appearing throughout Ghoulhaven Hall. They are human skeletons with glowing, light green eyes. Skeletons appear in the most scenes out of all Ghoulies, and are the only one that appears in all five chapters. Skeletons first appear in the Billiard Room (Chapter 1, Scene 3), and are the third type of Ghouly encountered. Skeletons have 20 Energy. Skeletons are either encountered individually or in small or large groups. A single friendly Skeleton, Mr. Ribs, also appears in the game.

As humanoid enemies, Skeletons are capable of doing some of the same attacks as Cooper, such as punching or picking up Temporary Weapons. While fighting Cooper, Skeletons almost always have their fists clenched in an upright position. They have two basic attacks: punching and doing an uppercut. Each punch does 1 Energy of damage to Cooper. Skeletons punch Cooper until he becomes dizzy, and then do an uppercut, which does 3 Energy of damage. Like Imps, Cooper can defeat a Skeleton by physically attacking it twice. Upon being defeated, the skeleton shatters into pieces. Skeletons are the only Ghoulies that can use Temporary Weapons. Before using one, a Skeleton has a deactivated light bulb appear over its head. After a few seconds, the light bulb turns on, indicating that the Skeleton has decided to attack with a nearby Temporary Weapon. The first time Skeletons use this skill is during Cooper's first visit to the Kitchen (Chapter 2, Scene 1). Skeletons cannot attack by swinging around a Special Temporary Weapon.

Skeletons are capable of giving reactionary responses. If Cooper has defeated other Ghoulies, Skeletons react by either biting their fingers or covering their head with their hands, but Cooper faints or becomes dizzy, the Skeletons cheer.

In Chapter 2: The Restoration, in both visits to the Grand Hallway (in Scenes 28 and 37), Cooper encounters Skeleton Maids[1], also known as Maids[1]. As their name states, Skeleton Maids are Skeletons who wear a typical maid outfit. They use a feather duster to attack, and also have 20 Energy. Both times in Chapter 2, when Cooper enters the Grand Hallway, a Skeleton Maid is seen dusting the walls. In both scenes, the Skeleton Maid tries to fight Cooper. In Scene 37, when Cooper fights a Haunted Door, Skeleton Maids jump from the balcony to join in on fighting Cooper.

Skeletons appear in these rooms:


  • Skeletons have their own theme music that is played in three scenes, in order: the Billiard Room (second visit), the Bathroom (first visit), and the Workshop (second visit). It may sometimes play in the Laundry Room (second visit).
  • In the Cinema, a black-and-white film of Skeletons fighting over a Trophy in the Billiard Room is projected on the wall.
  • Skeletons are one of the four Ghoulies that can talk, with the other three being Zombies, Zombie Pirates, and Hunchbacks.


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