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Permanent Weapon

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Permanent Weapons are a type of weapon that Cooper can use during certain scenes in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. A certain Ghoulhaven Hall resident gives it to Cooper, although after one or a few scenes, he is forced to return it to whoever gave him the weapon. Unlike Temporary Weapons, Permanent Weapons do not break after a set number of uses. Most Permanent Weapons are required to defeat a specific type of Ghouly. There are a total of five Permanent Weapons.

Whenever Cooper has a Permanent Weapon, a meter is displayed on the bottom-right corner of the screen. The meter has three sections — green, yellow, and red — and they show how much energy the Permanent Weapon has. If the meter is in the green zone, the Permanent Weapon is at full energy, but if the weapon is in the red zone, it is out of energy. A Permanent Weapon's meter is slowly refilled after each use, so if the weapon is out of energy, Cooper must wait for it to refill before he can continue using it.

List of Permanent Weapons

Name Damage Source Description
Candle 20 Energy Crivens, Ma Soupswill This weapon can set fire to any Ghouly enemy. In some scenes, they are required to defeat Ancient Mummies.
Fire Extinguisher Quickly drains Energy Ma Soupswill, Mr. Ribs A basic fire extinguisher that is effective for defeating Fire Imps
Water squirter Quickly drains Energy Fiddlesworth Dunfiddlin Cooper can use this to squirt water at enemies. The weapon is effective against Zombies and Zombie Pirates.
Ol' Edna 5 Energy (20 Energy for vampire enemies) Fiddlesworth Dunfiddlin A brass gun that fires garlic cloves. These are exceptionally effective toward Vampires and Vampire Chickens.
Soda Pop Gun 25 Energy Barbara Buffbrass, Baron von Ghoul A gun that fires exploding soda cans