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Haunted Television

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Haunted Television GBTG icon.png Haunted Television
Haunted Television GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 1, 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 8
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 40
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 3
Weaknesses Water squirter
E3 2003 screenshot of a Haunted Television electrocuting Cooper

The Haunted Television is a type of Ghouly in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. It is an old, brown, possessed television set with four wheels, two bent antenna, four button dials, a loose cord, and a blurred static screen. They resemble the televisions that can be used as a Temporary Weapon. A Haunted Television first appears in Chapter 1, Scene 7: Cinema. Haunted Televisions have 40 Energy.

Like other haunted objects, a Haunted Television at first appears idle until Cooper comes close to one. Haunted Televisions are capable walking around. They have the ability to create other Ghoulies, which is done by taking an image of the Ghouly on their screen and zapping it to life. Haunted Televisions mainly create Spiders, although in later scenes, they can create stronger Ghoulies such as Zombies and Cursed Mummies. Unlike most Ghoulies, Haunted Televisions do not elicit a fear response from Cooper.

Haunted Televisions are not focused on attacking Cooper, as they generate the Ghoulies to this on their behalf. If Cooper is close to a Haunted Television, it begins charging itself with blue electricity. If Cooper touches a Haunted Television, he gets electrocuted and loses 3 Energy. Even if Cooper is near the Haunted Television, it does not approach him, and continues zapping itself unless Cooper moves away. It takes second-long pauses in between zaps, briefly leaving itself open for attack. Haunted Televisions are also vulnerable to the water squirter.

There are two known instances in which a Haunted Television has generated something useful to Cooper. In Crivens' Quarters (Chapter 3, Scene 3), during a Weapons Only challenge, the Haunted Television creates objects for Cooper to use against the Flying Imps. In Cinema (Chapter 5, Scene 10), a Haunted Television generates an Ancient Mummy with a smiling face icon. Neither Haunted Television has a smiling face icon.