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Haunted Coat

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Haunted Coat GBTG icon.png Haunted Coat
Haunted Coat GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 7
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 20
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 2
Weaknesses None

The Haunted Coat is an enemy in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


Haunted Coat are a type of Ghouly. They are invisible ghost-like beings who wear a visible green coat with several patches and a large, brown hat with a yellow feather on top and a white wig underneath it. Unlike other Ghoulies, Haunted Coats wander around aimlessly. If Cooper is near a Haunted Coat, it approaches him and then smacks him with its sleeve, which briefly stuns Cooper and takes away 2 of his Energy. Haunted Coats do not attack in any organized fashion, but they have a repeated behavioral pattern of smacking Cooper, wandering off, and returning to smack him another time. Whenever Cooper hits a Haunted Coat, it flies backward. Whenever Cooper gets hit or faints, the Haunted Coats clap their sleeves together.

Haunted Coats appear in these rooms: