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Group photo of every character and Ghouly

Ghoulies (singular: Ghouly or Ghoulie[1]) are a species in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


Ghoulies are a group of undead and supernatural creatures that are the residents of Ghoulhaven Hall, and are led by Baron Von Ghoul. Ghoulies consist of several breeds, such as zombies or mummies. Dr. Krackpot is the creator of the Ghoulies, whom he creates in his lab. Cooper encounters several Ghouly breeds on his journey, each of them having their own attributes and health. He can fight them using various attacks, including basic punches and kicks, hitting them with a Temporary Weapon or, in some rooms, using a Permanent Weapon.

Nearly every Ghouly except Skeletons cannot use Temporary Weapons. There are no Ghoulies that can use Super Soups. Weak Ghoulies such as Imps can take damage from any attack whereas Ghoulies such as Hunchback require a specific method to attack. A few Ghoulies can only be attacked by a Permanent Weapon, for example, Fire Imps only take damage from the Fire Extinguisher. The Reaper can kill any Ghouly that it touches. Whenever a Ghouly is defeated, it disintegrates into a light green shell and vanishes.

Some Ghoulies do not get along, and these ones are known as "traitors". This is first shown in Chapter 2, Scene 8: Lighthouse Living Quarters, where two Zombies get into a fight because one suspected the other of cheating in a game of cards. Traitors have a smiling face icon over their heads, and they prioritize attacking other Ghoulies. If only one traitor is left, its smiling face icon turns into a question mark, and it starts to come after Cooper.

There are two Super Soups that temporarily affect all Ghoulies: "Freeze Ghoulies!", which temporarily freezes all of them, and "Traitor Fever!", which temporarily turns them all into traitors. Most Super Soups give Cooper a certain temporary power, such as invincibility, to help him fight the Ghoulies.

Ghoulies exist in three categories:

  • Standard Ghoulies[2]: These can be fought by Cooper. Many rooms have a challenge in which Cooper must either defeat all Ghoulies of a certain type, alternate between which Ghoulies to defeat, or avoid defeating a certain breed of Ghoulies altogether. Whenever Cooper encounters a new Ghouly, a short sequence plays, displaying a close-up and the name of the Ghouly.
  • Scare Ghoulies[3]: When Cooper encounters a Scare Ghouly, a red zone depicting a frightening face expands for one second before disappearing. As soon as Cooper encounters a Scare Ghouly, he must avoid being caught within its zone or else he gets a scare for a few seconds, leaving him vulnerable to taking twice the damage from attacks. Scare Ghoulies only appear briefly, and they cannot be fought or defeated.
  • Super Scary Shock Ghoulies[4]: They are similar to Scare Ghoulies except they give Cooper a Super Scary Shock. Cooper can tell if one is nearby from their distinct ominous laugh. When Cooper encounters a Super Scary Shock Ghouly, the player must press a sequence of buttons as shown on screen. If this is not done on time, Cooper loses health. Like Scare Ghoulies, the Super Scary Shock Ghoulies are only encountered once and cannot be attacked nor defeated. If the "Shocker Blocker!" Super Soup is in effect, the game automatically enters the buttons.


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