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Cursed Mummy

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Cursed Mummy GBTG icon.png Cursed Mummy
Cursed Mummy GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 8
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 80
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 5 Energy (10 Energy if Cooper is inflicted with a Scare)
Weaknesses Fire

Cursed Mummies are an enemy in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


Cursed Mummies are a type of Ghouly and a variant of an Ancient Mummy. They have purple skin, a stubby build, orange eyes, and parts of their body are wrapped in bandages. Cursed Mummies wear an Egyptian mask, which covers the upper half of their face, and they and carry a stone tablet with hieroglyphics engraved into it. Cursed Mummies have 80 Energy. Like Ancient Mummies, Cursed Mummies can only be defeated if Cooper burns it with fire, either from the Candle or by pushing the Cursed Mummy into a furnace.

The Workshop (Chapter 2, Scene 24) is the first room where Cursed Mummies are encountered. There, two Cursed Mummies are each found in a large, golden vase with hieroglyphics. This encounter is optional because the Cursed Mummies are not encountered if their vase does not break. This means that the Music Room (Chapter 2, Scene 34), which is usually the second room where Cursed Mummies are encountered overall, becomes the first room where they are encountered.

Cursed Mummies get their power from their stone tablet. Instead of facing Cooper directly, Cursed Mummies chant their magic from afar to perform one of two spells. The first spell, which only appears in Chapter 2: The Restoration, creates floating, yellow, hieroglyphic symbols that gradually draws Cooper towards the Cursed Mummy. When Cooper gets close enough, the Cursed Mummy uses a Scare attack on Cooper, which slows him, and then slams its stone tablet onto Cooper. This attack does 5 Energy of damage to Cooper, or 10 if Cooper is under the influence of a Scare attack. Cursed Mummies with Traitor Fever! only attack other Ghoulies by slamming their stone tablet onto them. Starting with Chapter 3: The Riddle, the Cursed Mummy performs a second spell, in which it chants a spell causing its stone tablet glow green. After doing this for a while, the Cursed Mummy's tablet breaks, and a small, green, floating skull is released. When this occurs, the Cursed Mummy leaves and cries over losing its stone tablet. Meanwhile, the skull chases Cooper, and if it touches Cooper, the skull inflicts a curse upon him. The curse causes a 30 second countdown timer to appear above Cooper. Once it reaches zero, Cooper turns gray and faints (in the same way as if he were touched by The Reaper), and has to restart the scene. The curse only wears off if Cooper either defeats the Cursed Mummy or leaves for the next room. If Cooper is under the effect of Invisibility!, the green skull stops chasing him.

Cursed Mummies appear in these rooms: