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Baron von Ghoul

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GBTG Baron icon.png Baron von Ghoul
Baron von Ghoul artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 4
Number of scenes 1
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 200
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 5
Weaknesses Propeller Stick
Soda Pop Gun

Baron von Ghoul, also formatted as Baron Von Ghoul[1] and nicknamed the Baron, is a character in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


The Baron is a tall man with a rounded nose a thick and a black mustache. He wears a pilot hat, light blue pajamas that depict Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo Jumbo, a red night coat and a pair of brown slippers.

The Baron is a very eccentric and ruthless villain. He is an Englishman and likes to make old English exclamations. The Baron enjoys playing games with his victims and disapproves of any stranger who trespasses on his property, resulting in at least 10 teenagers being imprisoned around various locations around his house. He appears to be resented by the residents that work around Ghoulhaven Hall, as they help Cooper fight against Baron von Ghoul. Baron gets angry if his workers help Cooper, often leading him to punishing them. One such instance is when he evicted Fiddlesworth from his cottage for helping Cooper into the Greenhouse. Babs also mentions slaving over his demands. Aside from his arrogance, the Baron appears to enjoy an easy and plentiful lifestyle. His Quarters contain many luxuries such as a bath, a library, and a mirror with a view. Baron has a strange interest in airplanes, and can be seen imitating one at the start of the game.

According to Gregg Mayles, the Baron was inspired by the late British comedian Bernie Clifton, whose act was to pretend to ride a pantomime ostrich that he wore about his body like a suit, much like the Baron's airplane.[2]


He is the insane owner of Ghoulhaven Hall and has a tendency to kidnap teenagers, including Cooper's girlfriend, Amber. Baron is the main antagonist of Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Cooper's health is predetermined by him in nearly every room, starting with the fifth one.

In the opening sequence, which is the first Storybook cutscene, the Baron is seen imitating an airplane for entertainment before pausing when he notices Cooper and Amber trespassing on his property. He seems eager to imprison them until Cooper refuses and insults him. Angered, he orders a pair of gargoyles to kidnap Amber, forcing Cooper to venture into the mansion and fight the Ghoulies and rescue his girlfriend. Throughout the game, Baron creates various challenges for Cooper, who must complete them in order to progress.

When Amber is transformed into a Ghouly by Dr. Krackpot, Cooper sets out to take an Egg and Dungweed from the Chicken Shed for an elixir to restore her. The baron is angered that both his breakfast and his prize winning plant for the Ghoulsville Town Fair of '66 had been stolen, and sends ghoulies after Cooper both times.

In Chapter 3, Crivens explains that the Baron created a magical rhyme that will open his otherwise sealed door, but ripped it onto three pieces after Fiddlesworth found it. Each time Cooper finds a piece of the Rhyme, the Baron will place Cooper in a challenge in the room it was found.

When Cooper finally enters the Baron's Quarters, the Baron is presumably attacked and defeated by Crivens, whom explains the situation and offers the key to the Children's locks. But as he reaches for it, Crivens strikes Cooper and abandons his disguise, revealing himself to be the Baron all along. The two begin a battle that eventually leads to the Baron unveiling his flying machine known as the Red Baron. Cooper finally defeats him, kicking him out the window of his house and taking the key.

In the last challenge of Chapter 5, the Baron can be found with his head stuck between the legs of a statue of himself, struggling to break free. When Amber and Cooper leave the mansion and journey to Ghoulsville in the Gloom, the Baron is seen flying in the air and heading for the town as well.


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