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Haunted Door

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Haunted Door GBTG icon.png Haunted Door
Haunted Door GBTG.jpg
Chapter(s) 1, 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 7
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 60
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 4 (doorknob)
8 (whacking)
Weaknesses None

Haunted Doors are an enemy in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


Haunted Doors are large, blue doors and Ghoulies that appear in a few rooms. Like other "haunted" enemies, Haunted Doors have the same appearance as a certain object, specifically the doors around Ghoulhaven Hall, and have a golden doorknob and a skull-shaped keyhole, in which two glowing, light green eyes peek out from. Haunted Doors have 60 Energy.

From a distance, there is no way for Cooper to distinguish a Haunted Door from regular ones. If he approaches a Haunted Door, it jumps out from its rims, and the real door locks itself, forcing Cooper to complete a One Breed Challenge in which he much defeat the Haunted Door so that he may continue to the next scene.

A Haunted Door always pops its doorknob in and out while moving around. It is their main attack against Cooper, who loses 4 Energy if he gets hit. A sound effect plays whenever the Haunted Door pops out its door knob, making it audible from a distance. If Cooper gets hit by a Haunted Door's doorknob, he loses 4 Energy. Like Medusa and Jessie & Clyde, if Cooper knocks a Haunted Door to the ground, it briefly turns red and invincible until it gets back up. Once the Haunted Door is up, it tries to use an attack in which it flings Cooper up in the air and whacks him afar. If Cooper is hit by this attack, he loses 8 Energy.

When a Haunted Door is defeated, it breaks into several pieces. The Haunted Door in Chapter 3, Scene 18: Foundry can be instantly defeated if it gets knocked into the furnace, just like other enemies.

Haunted Doors appear in these rooms: