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Hunchback GBTG icon.png Hunchback
Hunchback GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 4
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 70
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 10
Weaknesses None

Hunchbacks are big, muscular men with a hunched back and an ugly face. They are one of the Ghoulies in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, in which they only appear in four scenes, each time as a mini-boss. Hunchbacks have 70 Energy. Whenever Cooper encounters a Hunchback, he is forced to fight it in a One Breed Challenge. Hunchbacks have their own theme that plays during any Challenge they are in.

Unlike other Ghoulies, Hunchbacks are defensive rather than offensive. Most encounters with a Hunchback occur unexpectedly. From a distance, a Hunchback taunts Cooper to approach him. By doing so, the Hunchback runs from Cooper to another side of the room. Hunchbacks take pride in their "handsome" face, which they always try to cover from Cooper. A Hunchback's muscular body protects him from being hit nearly anywhere, his face being an exception. Cooper can stun a Hunchback for one second each time he hits the Hunchback's body, allowing him to reach the face and attack it. When a Hunchback is knocked back, he uses his hand to cover his face. The Hunchback only gets up when Cooper distances for a few seconds.

Hunchbacks have an attack that they only use if Cooper hits them several times. The attack involves the Hunchback rolling himself up, using both hands to cover his whole face. The Hunchback turns red during this attack, and spins himself toward Cooper with his fist out. If Cooper gets hit, he loses 10 Energy. If the Hunchback misses Cooper, he gets dizzy from spinning after a few seconds, causing him to stop.

In Chapter 5, Scene 2: Bathroom, there is a Hunchback named Hunchy, who is angry at Cooper because Mr. Ribs released a prisoner whom the Hunchback considered his only friend.


General information

Physical appearance

Hunchbacks have a large hunched-back that deforms their head down to their torso. They have large, muscular arms and disproportionately small legs. A Hunchback's face has a large chin with several sharp teeth on his lower jaw, a round nose, and two eyes with black pupils. A few brown hairs stick out of a Hunchback's head and chin. Hunchbacks wear a green shawl with small stitches and large rips. They also wear ripped brown pants, which are kept in place by a rope tied around their waist.