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Super Soup

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Super Soups are items that appear in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. They were created by Ma Soupswill, whose face is shown on every green can of Super Soup. Ma Soupswill scattered her Super Soups in nearly every room of Ghoulhaven Hall. They are first seen in Chapter 1, Scene 6: Lower Corridors.

There are several types of Super Soups, each having a temporary effect. Most Super Soups assist Cooper in some way, such as granting him temporary invincibility or temporarily freezing all enemies. Some Super Soups are found in plain sight while others are hidden within objects, which Cooper can break to retrieve the Super Soup. A few types of Super Soups have a negative side-effect, and they can be identified from an icon of a black ghost with a thick orange outline. Whenever Cooper picks up a Super Soup can, its floating icon is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The icon flickers when its effect is about to wear off.


Name Description
Energy Boost! The first and most common Super Soup, the Energy Boost! refills some of Cooper's Energy by either 1, 5, 10, or 25, depending on which number is shown on the floating heart icon.
Invisibility! This Super Soup turns Cooper invisible, allowing him to either pass by or fight Ghoulies without being noticed.
Invulnerability! This makes Cooper invincible temporarily. Although Cooper still reacts to enemy attacks, his energy is not drained while Invulnerability! is in effect.
Turbo Cooper! This temporarily increases Cooper's speed, allowing him to move around faster and defeat enemies more quickly.
Knock-Out Mania! This allows Cooper to instantly make a Ghouly dizzy from hitting it once.
One-Hit Wonder! Gives Cooper the ability to defeat Ghoulies in just one hit. These are usually found in rooms with many Ghoulies.
Miniature Cooper! This creatures miniature clones of Cooper. Although they are small, they are as strong as Cooper, and they automatically fight on his behalf. The miniature clones cannot be defeated, but can still be affected by scares.
Super Weapons! By using this Super Soup, Cooper can attack with a Temporary Weapon an unlimited number of times (as if it were a Permanent Weapon) until the Super Soup's effect wears off.
Dizzy Reaper! If Cooper breaks a Challenge rule in any room, The Reaper comes after him. When Cooper takes this Super Soup, it temporarily makes The Reaper dizzily spin around in circles. The Reaper cannot harm Cooper in this state, giving Cooper a short chance to escape The Reaper and continue into the next room.
Freeze Ghoulies! These are indicated by a floating snowflake icon. Using one of these temporarily freezes every Ghouly, allowing Cooper to attack without them reacting back.
Traitor Fever! Using this Super Soup causes every Ghouly to become a traitor, meaning that they start attacking each other instead of Cooper. Traitors are indicated by a green smiley face icon. If the effect wears off or there is only one Ghouly left, they go back to targeting Cooper as usual. Some scenes feature traitor Ghoulies who are not under the effect of "Traitor Fever!"
Challenge Complete! The least common Super Soup, the "Challenge Complete!" Super Soup immediately completes every challenge in a room, allowing Cooper to immediately continue to the next scene.
Extra Time! These give Cooper extra time during a Time Limit challenge. If Cooper fails one of these, The Reaper is summoned.
Shocker Blocker! These appear in rooms with a Super Scary Shock Ghouly. If Cooper encounters one of these Ghoulies while "Shocker Blocker!" is in effect, the game automatically inputs the button combination shown on the screen. This specific Super Soup only wears off once Cooper continues into the next scene.
Energy Sapper! One of three types of Super Soup with a negative side effect, the Energy Sapper! temporarily drains Cooper's Energy down to 1. This means that if he takes one hit, he faints, and the scene is restarted.
Reverse Controls! This reverses the movement controls on the Left Thumbstick.
Slo-Mo Cooper! This is the opposite of the Turbo Cooper! Super Soup, as it significantly reduces Cooper's speed, leaving him open to attack from enemies.