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Ninja Imp

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Ninja Imp GBTG icon.png Ninja Imp
Ninja Imps in GBTG.jpg
Cooper is confronted by Ninja Imps in Chapter 3, Scene 2: Stables.
Chapter(s) 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 12
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 15
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 1 (smacking)
2 (kicking)
Weaknesses None

A Ninja Imp is a type of Imp and a Ghouly that appears in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. They resemble regular Imps but are black and wear an orange karate gi with a black belt. Ninja Imps have an orange marking circling both of their eyes in a figure-8 shape. They have a total of 15 Energy.

Ninja Imps have the stereotypical behavior of ninjas, such as by saying "hi-yah!" whenever they confront Cooper, but they also say this at random. If Cooper faints, a Ninja Imp bows its head, but if Cooper defeats other Ghoulies, Ninja Imps lower their head in shame.

Ninja Imps use a basic combo on Cooper, when seeing him they will do a front flip (probably gearing to fight him) then running towards Cooper and throwing 3 quick blows before making him dizzy and jumping in the air and after waiting for 1 second frozen in the air they will perfectly glide towards Cooper with their right foot out, kicking him and knocking him back if hitting him and landing perfectly on the floor whether or not they successful attack. The starting blows do 1 points worth of damage and the kick does 2. Hitting them is similar to hitting regular Imps, Spiders and Flying Imps as Cooper will just use one simple hit to make them dizzy and then a knock back attack that will send them away a good distance, however, because of their bigger Energy they will they still remain alive and get back up again, meaning most fights will have them losing 10 points when being knocked back and leaving them at 4 points, making Cooper have to run over and attack them on the ground.

Starting with Chapter 2, Scene 23: Farmyard, Ninja Imps have the ability to grow twice their size, therefore doubling their their Energy to 30. They do this by meditating and after a few seconds of chanting they spin and turn red for a few seconds (during which they are invincible) before finally growing twice their size. Instead of performing their combo attack, Ninja Imps use the same jump kick. Ninja Imps lose more Energy if Cooper attacks them either while they are in midair or when they are meditating right before turning red for a few seconds.


Theme music

Ninja Imps have their own theme music that is played three times in the game. First on the first visit to the Conservatory, second on the second visit to the Music Room (during the first challenge) and third in the first visit to the bathroom.