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Ancient Mummy

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Ancient Mummy GBTG icon.png Ancient Mummy
Ancient Mummy GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 1, 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 15
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 40
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 3 Energy (each punch)
6 Energy (with scepter)
Weaknesses Fire

Ancient Mummies are an enemy in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


Ancient Mummies are a type of Ghouly that are humanoid mummies with green skin, an exposed eye, and a visible bottom jaw. Mummies have 40 Energy each, and are the sixth type of Ghouly encountered.

Unlike other Ghoulies, Ancient Mummies do not attack Cooper on sight, but continue wandering around. If Cooper hits an Ancient Mummy, it starts to chase him while moving at a faster pace. An Ancient Mummy's main attack is punching Cooper, causing him to become dizzy. The Ancient Mummy then takes out a large, golden scepter with a red crystal, yells, and violently swings it over its shoulder to try and whack Cooper. If Cooper is hit by a punch, he takes 3 Energy of damage, but the scepter causes twice as much damage, 6 Energy. If Cooper avoids being hit by a scepter, the Ancient Mummy continues to carry it around until it finds something else to hit it with. If Cooper knocks back an Ancient Mummy as it holds a scepter, it breaks, although the Ancient Mummy can take out another scepter.

Ancient Mummies can take out a strip of bandages and throw them at Cooper, which mummifies and stops him from moving. They can also do this to Imps, Skeletons, and Zombies. Besides punching, an Ancient Mummy also takes out its scepter after mummifying its victim. If Cooper is hit while mummified, he is freed from the bandages. Cooper can also be freed if the player twists the Right Thumbstick.

Ancient Mummies are vulnerable to fire, and Cooper can defeat them by either using the Candle or by knocking them into a furnace or out of a window. Ancient Mummies can also be defeated by Fire Imps. In some cases, there is no source of fire to defeat Ancient Mummies, so Cooper has to avoid them until he continues to the next room.

Ancient Mummies can show emotional expressions, such as shaking their hands over their shoulders, thrusting their pelvis if Cooper fails, and covering their face with their hand if Cooper wins.

In Cooper's first visit to the Embassy Ballroom (Chapter 2, Scene 4), there is an Ancient Mummy who is named the Ancient DJ Mummy.[1] The Ancient DJ Mummy serves as the DJ while the Skeletons and Zombies dance there on the dance floor. Its attacks are the same as regular Ancient Mummies. In Cooper's second visit to the Embassy Ballroom (Chapter 2, Scene 14), there is a regular Ancient Mummy instead, and it is hiding in a double bass speaker, which is lying on the stairs in front of the door from which Cooper entered. This Ancient Mummy has Traitor Fever!, so if the Ancient Mummy is released, it starts to attack the other Ghoulies.

Ancient Mummies appear in these rooms:



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