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Jessie & Clyde

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Jessie & Clyde GBTG icon.png Jessie & Clyde
Jessie & Clyde GBTG artwork.jpg
Chapter(s) 2, 3, 5
Number of scenes 8
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 100
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 5 (scaring)
20 (punching)
Weaknesses None

Jessie and Clydes are an enemy in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.


They are a breed of Ghoulies that are two monsters mashed together in one body; the left half is Jessie, a slender, light green female with grass-like hair, and the right half is Clyde, who is a large, muscular cyclops with light purple skin, an orange eye, large jaws, bulging veins, and a bald head. Jessie & Clydes have been specifically described as an unstable blend of a fairy and a cyclops.[1] Jessie & Clydes wear a dark red dress, which have rips and tears to fit them. Jessie & Clydes have 100 Energy, making them one of the strongest Ghoulies.

Before a Jessie & Clyde first takes notice of Cooper, Clyde is asleep (which is expressed by Z's) while Jessie happily frolics with a large flower in her hand. If Cooper gets too close, Clyde wakes up, eats Jessie's flower, and takes control over the body, causing Jessie to fall unconscious. Clyde has an opposite personality of Jessie, as he is violent and very short-tempered.

Clyde has two attacks: punching Cooper, which takes away 20 Energy, or performing a Scare, which takes away 5 Energy if Cooper is within the red zone. Furthermore, if Cooper gives into the Scare, Clyde picks up Cooper and throws him to another side of the room, taking away an additional 5 Energy. If Clyde successfully hits Cooper, both he and Jessie cheer happily for a few seconds. Like Medusas, whenever Jessie & Clydes are knocked back, they briefly turn red, making them invulnerable to all attacks. This also occurs if Clyde is angered, either from waking up or right before punching Cooper.

Jessie & Clydes do have a Challenge icon, although it is only seen during the "Number (Any Breed)" Challenge of Chapter 5, Scene 9: Walled Garden.

Jessie & Clydes appear in these rooms:

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 5


The Jessie & Clyde portrait
  • Some rooms in Ghoulhaven Hall have a portrait of a Jessie & Clyde lookalike, although its appearance is different than those found throughout Ghoulhaven Hall. The Jessie half instead shows an old man with a gray mustache and beard, spikes of red hair on his head, and one red eyebrow. He wears a monocle and smokes a pipe. The Clyde half is mostly the same, although he has two eyes, a visible set of teeth, and two short spikes of light green hair. The lookalike's entire body is gray, and is shirtless, revealing orange-brown chest hair as well as a nipple on Clyde's side.


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