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Zombie Pirate Captain

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Zombie Pirate Captain GBTG icon.png Zombie Pirate Captain
Zombie Pirate Captain GBTG.jpg
Chapter(s) 2
Number of scenes 1
GBTG Heart icon.png Health 60
GBTG Limited Attacks icon.png Damage 6 Energy
Weaknesses None

The Zombie Pirate Captain[1] is a Ghouly that is the leader of the Zombie Pirates in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. He only appears in Chapter 2, Scene 13: Dining Room, and has the same attack patterns as ordinary Zombie Pirates. The Zombie Pirate Captain is also a close personal friend of Roger the Cabin Boy.[1]

Unlike regular Zombie Pirates, the Zombie Pirate Captain has pale, yellowish skin. He also wears a ripped purple shirt, striped red pants, and a captain's hat.


When the Zombie Pirate Captain notices Cooper enter the Dining Room, he accuses Cooper of trying to steal his food, so the Zombie Pirate Captain sends three Zombie Pirates to go after Cooper. When Cooper defeats one of them, the Zombie Pirate Captain declares him to be stronger than expected, so he calls in the rest of the Zombie Pirate crew to fight him. Cooper is then locked in a One Breed Challenge, in which he must defeat the Zombie Pirate Captain and his minions in order to continue to the next scene.

In Chapter 5, Scene 5: Dining Room, right before the Challenges start, a Zombie Pirate points out to the other Ghoulies that Cooper is the one who defeated the Zombie Pirate Captain.

The Zombie Pirate Captain hosts the 18th Bonus Challenge, Bedtime Gory!. He acts differently than in the main story, and even rewards a certain medal to the player based on how many Ghoulies Amber defeats.


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