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Rare logo 2015.png
Founded 1985
Founders Tim Stamper
Chris Stamper
Headquarters Twycross, England
Parent Microsoft

Rare, sometimes referred to as Rare, Ltd., Rare Limited and, previously, Rareware, is a British video game development company. They have developed a huge amount of games. Many were for Nintendo, but the company is now owned by Microsoft. Rare has two studios: one in Twycross, in Leicestershire, England and one in Digbeth, in Birmingham, England.


As Ultimate Play the Game

Main article: Ultimate Play the Game

Before Rare was founded, Tim and Chris Stamper created Ultimate Play the Game in 1982. They made games mainly for the ZX Spectrum, like Jetpac and the Sabreman series.

As Rare

In 1995, Rareware made an agreement with Nintendo, and began publishing games for them. In 2002, Microsoft bought Rareware. Since then, Rareware has made console games strictly for Microsoft, but also made handheld games for Nintendo, by publishing them through THQ. During the summer of 2010, Rareware opened a new studio in Digbeth, in Birmingham, England.

While working for Microsoft, Rare has also helped create the Xbox Live Avatars. They have stated that they are focusing more on Microsoft's new controller-free peripheral, Kinect. Rare's first game to be released for Kinect was Kinect Sports.

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