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Sea of Thieves is a first person, multiplayer, action-adventure game developed by Rare Ltd. in 2018 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Set in an open world consisting of a vast ocean with several exotic islands, sunken ships and ancient ruins, the player takes on the role of a procedurally generated pirate avatar who is free to interact with the world in any way they wish, with the only true goal being for the player to live the "pirate's life they've dreamed of."

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As the game is set in a shared world, the player can encounter and interact with other players as they explore the world, choosing to either play solo or form groups. This can determine what kind of ship players can use to sail the sea with; solo players can pilot a sloop, while those acting as a group can work together to command a massive galleon. When the ship comes under attack, which can come from hostile players, pirate skeletons or giant sea creatures, damages under the deck let water flow in and cause the ship to gradually sink. To avoid sinking, the players have to patch up the holes with planks of wood and then bail out the water with buckets. If the player dies, they will be sent to a ghost ship called "The Ferry of the Damned" where they will wait to respawn.

While there is no overarching story for the player to complete, there are factions in the game world that offer voyages for the player to complete. These voyages can entail finding treasure, fight off enemies, or delivering goods safely from one place to another. Completing voyages earns the player gold and reputation points, which can be used to unlock accessories, weapons, ships, and new voyages to take on. When the player completes enough voyages with all of the factions, they will earn the title of "Pirate Legend" which grants new items and access to their own pirate hideout. While out at sea, players may encounter storms. These can be familiar thunderstorms that can damage the player's ship, or storms in the shape of skulls. Skull storms indicate the presence of Skeleton Forts, which are special raids that players can complete for special items and loot. Players who choose the work as a group can communicate through emotes, play musical instruments together, and drink at taverns together. Recent updates allow players to engage in more leisurely activities like fishing or cooking.

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