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Killer Instinct 2

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Killer Instinct 2 is the sequel to Killer Instinct and is the second installment of the Killer Instinct series. Originally released for arcades, Killer Instinct II was later ported to the Nintendo 64 later that same year under the name of Killer Instinct Gold. Many characters from the previous game show up in the sequel, such as B. Orchid and TJ Combo, while others, such as Cinder and Riptor, were destroyed in the previous game. Non-playable characters like Fulgore and Spinal are playable here, and new characters join the cast.


Returning Characters:

New Characters:

  • Gargos - A demon lord that has returned to the world after Eyedol's destruction in the first Killer Instinct tournament. Resembles a huge gargoyle that is very powerful and can also breathe fire. He was the rival of Eyedol, the boss of the first game.
  • Kim Wu - An eastern martial artist who is a descendent of the heroes who long ago banished Eyedol and Gargos from the world. To protect her people and fulfill the destiny of her bloodline, she seeks to destroy Gargos forever.
  • Maya - An Amazonian queen and one of the original heroes who were responsible for banishing Eyedol and Gargos. Exiled by her people after Gargos reappeared, her goal is to destroy the demon lord once and for all and regain her standing.
  • Tusk - A legendary barbarian and the warrior champion of the ancient world. Undefeated in his own time, he now comes to strike down all the other challengers in the belief that it will earn him a hero's right to face Gargos.

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