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Mickey's Racing Adventure

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Mickey's Racing Adventure
Mickey's Racing Adventure US box.jpg
Developer(s) Rare
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios, Nintendo
Release date(s) November 22, 1999 (NA)
November 25, 1999 (EU)
January 7, 2000[1] (AUS)
Genre(s) Racing, adventure
Modes Single player
Console(s) Game Boy Color
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Mickey's Racing Adventure is a video game released for the Game Boy Color in late 1999, featuring characters from the Mickey Mouse franchise. The game was published by Nintendo. One year later, it received a sequel titled Mickey's Speedway USA.


Mickey's Racing Adventure is a single-player racing game with adventure elements. It is played from an isometric perspective, and races consist of land or water tracks. It also features some mini-games like a puzzle game with Pluto and a tile-moving challenge for unlocking new worlds.



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