Konrad von Sabrewulf

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Konrad von Sabrewulf
KI 2013 Sabrewulf artwork.png
Species Human, werewolf
Game appearances Killer Instinct (1994)
Killer Instinct 2 (1995)
Killer Instinct Gold (1996)
Killer Instinct (2013)
Rare Replay (2015)
First appearance Killer Instinct (1994)
Latest appearance Rare Replay (2015)
Portrayed by Jean-Edouard Miclot (2013)

Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf, also known as Count Von Sabrewulf, or simply Sabrewulf, is a recurring playable character in the Killer Instinct series. He is a German aristocrat who has been afflicted with the lycanthropy disease. Sabrewulf was inspired by Sabre Wulf from the Sabreman series and from Sabreman's appearance in Knight Lore, in which Sabreman was infected with the lycanthropy disease and turned into a werewolf every night.


Killer Instinct (1994)

In the original Killer Instinct, Count Von Sabrewulf was affected by lycanthropy because of a wolfbite. After being bitten, he started living in exile in his remote mountain tower, shunned by society, struggling with insanity as his disease grows steadily worse. After a few years, his disease got so bad that he couldn't even revert back to his human form anymore. Every rumors about a cure to his disease turned out to be a hoax, and when a message arrives promising a cure to lycanthropy if he enters and wins the Ultratech contest, Sabrewulf is highly suspicious but has no choice to seize any chances he has to cure himself.

If Sabrewulf is victorious, Ultratech gives Sabrewulf the cure to the lycanthropy disease, as promised, which allows him to transform back into a human and finally live a normal life.

Killer Instinct 2 / Killer Instinct Gold

Killer Instinct (2013)