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Sabreman SW GBA artwork.jpg
Artwork of Sabreman from 2004's Sabre Wulf.
Species Human
Game appearances Sabre Wulf (1984)
Underwurlde (1984)
Knight Lore (1984)
Pentagram (1986)
Banjo-Tooie (2000)
Sabre Wulf (2004)
First appearance Sabre Wulf (1984)
Latest appearance Rare Replay (2015)
Portrayed by John Silke (2004 - present)

Sabreman is the main character of the Sabreman series. He is an old British adventurer wearing a pith helmet.


Sabre Wulf (1984)


Knight Lore


Sabre Wulf (2004)

Other appearances

Sabreman later reappears in Banjo-Tooie. While being chased by the Sabre Wulf, he finds himself lost in the icy side of Hailfire Peaks, and then frozen to death by Chilly Willy. After Mumbo Jumbo revives him, Sabreman explains he has been frozen since 1984, a reference to the original release date of Sabre Wulf for the ZX Spectrum. After being warmed up by Kazooie, he then asks if they could bring him back to his tent back on the fiery side of Hailfire Peaks. After Banjo brings him back to his tent, Sabreman gives the duo a Jiggy, says he's done with adventuring and falls asleep.