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Knight Lore

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Knight Lore is the third game in the Sabreman series, released in 1984. In this title, Sabreman has been infected with lycanthropy, and must navigate a castle full of traps to find ingredients for the cure. Plays from an isometric perspective, and is an action-adventure game with puzzle elements.

Commodore 64

Following on from the successful conversion of Nightshade, Shahid Ahmad was offered the chance to convert both Knight Lore and Alien 8 for Firebird Software. Unfortunately though, things went sour with Ultimate Play the Game after Shahid got himself an agent, and the agent tried to contact the Stampers. The Stampers at this point stopped all contact – something which Shahid has ever since regretted. A huge shame! What is not known is if the conversion was offered to anyone else after that point, or if it just faded away due to not being able to find someone else up for the job. I guess we may learn in time! ref: ""

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