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Sabre Wulf (2004 video game)

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Sabre Wulf
Sabre Wulf GBA cover.jpg
Developer(s) Rare Ltd.
Publisher THQ
Release date(s) June 8, 2004 (NA)
March 12, 2004 (EU)
Genre(s) Platformer
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone

Sabre Wulf is a video game for the Game Boy Advance starring Sabreman from the ZX Spectrum series of games. A combination of platforming and puzzle game elements, Sabre Wulf encourages the player to think before they progress as they use Sabreman's unique menagerie of animals to make their way to Sabre Wulf's many lairs. Once the player has snatched the booty from under the 'Wulf's nose, it's a race back to the safety of Sabreman's tent.


Name Description
Sabreman The British hero in the pith helmet returns, although a bit older in his latest adventure.
Sabre Wulf A wolf with a penchant for kleptomania, Sabre Wulf steals everything and anything in sight to add it to his hoard.
Dr. Dolittle-Goode Dr. Dolittle-Goode is main antagonist, who is in cahoots with Sabre Wulf. He released Sabre Wulf to wreck havoc around Sabreman's homeland, out of obsession for world domination. His name is a pun on Doctor Dolittle, with "-goode" added to the end; his last name is pronounced "do little good" as a reference to him being a villain.
Cookie An old fellow who runs a 'Curiosity Creature Emporium', or a store that sells creatures.
Wesley Snaps A man obsessed with photography, Wesley is always interested in photos of new and unexplored areas. He bears a resemblance to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.
Mayor of Blackwyche The Mayor is a helpful man in desperate need of assistance since Sabre Wulf's escape.
Connie-Anne Connie-Anne is the Librarian of Blackwyche, and helps Sabreman by cataloging data on the various creatures he encounters.
Freddy A shy man who needs help when it comes to ladies. He asks for Sabreman's assistance by asking him to get some flowers.
Charlie Atlas Charlie is a cartographer who has travelled all across the world.



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