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Killer Instinct (2021 arcade cabinet)

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Killer Instinct Arcade Machine
Killer Instinct 2021 arcade cabinet.jpg
Developer(s) Rare Ltd.
Publisher Arcade1Up
Release date(s) November 10, 2021 (pre-orders)
Genre(s) Fighter, beat 'em up
Modes Single player, multiplayer
Console(s) Arcade
"You wanted a killer addition to your home arcade collection, and once again Arcade1Up has heard your battle cries. Killer Instinct™ is here!"

Killer Instinct is an arcade machine replica of the original Killer Instinct made by Arcade1Up. It was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 11[1] and announced to release in time for holidays of late 2021.[2]


Aside from Killer Instinct, the cabinet also contains four bonus games made by Rare (the exact versions of two Battletoads games are unknown):

The games feature online multiplayer over Wi-Fi, while the cabinet comes with a number of utilities, including a matching stool, a riser to adjust height and a light-up marquee.[3]

A PRO SERIES Edition of the cabinet was announced some time later. Among other improvements, it has an increased size over the standard machine, a 19” LCD screen that provides a 5:4 arcade aspect ratio​, upgraded speakers and light-up marquee, and more precise joysticks with more generous spacing.[4]