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Rare Wiki is a wiki that provides coverage on Rare as a company and its smaller franchises. Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie, and Conker already have independent wikis, so coverage for those games are limited. Only articles on their respective series, games, and main protagonists are allowed. The Donkey Kong series should only mention the games created by Rare.

The guidelines for coverage on Star Fox Adventures is more complicated. This is because the game was originally developed as an original Rare title, Dinosaur Planet. Therefore, all coverage that directly pertains to Dinosaur Planet is allowed, but Star Fox Adventures coverage is only allowed on the Dinosaur Planet articles. Anything that is originally from Star Fox Adventures or is not confirmed to appear in Dinosaur Planet cannot have their own article. When writing about Star Fox Adventures content on a Dinosaur Planet article, it must compare to its original role in Dinosaur Planet and have a summary of its role in Star Fox Adventures.

Donkey Kong series

  • If a character, enemy, item, or any other subject only appears in a Donkey Kong Country game and its Donkey Kong Land counterpart, it must redirect to the Donkey Kong Country page.
  • Any recurring subject appears in more than one Donkey Kong Country game (including Donkey Kong 64), it must redirect to the Characters section of the Donkey Kong series article and be added to the section.