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Rare Wiki is a wiki that provides coverage on the video game company Rare, their previous company Ultimate Play The Game, all of their video games, and so much more.

Note that due to the existence of other affiliated wikis focusing in-depth on specific Rare franchises, Rare Wiki will not have full coverage on these franchises:

For these three franchises, only articles on their respective series, games, and main protagonists are allowed. The Donkey Kong series should only mention the games created by Rare. Since Star Fox Adventures started development as Dinosaur Planet, complete coverage on it is allowed, with the exceptions of contents that weren't made by Rare specifically (for example: Fox McCloud, Arwing, Andross, etc, which can all be found on Lylat Wiki). This rule also goes for licensed games, where coverage on content not created by Rare is not allowed (like Mickey Mouse or Spider-Man), but coverage on content created by Rare is allowed (like the Freewayphobia world from Mickey's Speedway USA, or the Klobb weapon from GoldenEye 007).

Content not created by Rare

Coverage on content not created by Rare themselves, such as video games and animated tv shows, is allowed on the wiki, as long as it is either a part of a Rare franchise (such as Young Conker or the Viva Piñata cartoon), or that there is enough Rare content to justify an article on said subject, like a playable character (Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing), a boss character (Shovel Knight), or other reasons (such as Minecraft having a huge amount of DLC costumes based on Rare IPs, or Uno having a DLC deck of cards based on Kameo: Elements of Power).

If the Rare content is only a minor reference or cameo appearance, such as the giant Rash action figure easter egg in Grounded, or the appearance of all three Battletoads in the movie Ready Player One, then information on said references goes to List of references to Rare.