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One of the three playable characters in the Battletoads franchise. Pimple, aka George Pie, is the muscle of the Battletoads who prefers to fight rather than talk, befitting the fact that he is the largest (7'4" as described in his arcade profile) and strongest of the toads. His early artwork depicted him as wearing spiked black kneepads, spiked black arm braces and a spiked black belt, but he was never seen wearing the belt in any of the games and later artwork removed the belt. Pimple's skin has changed it's appearance quite a few times throughout the course of the series; he had a medium shade of green like the other toads on the original box art, was depicted with a darker shade of green in the first game, and was later changed to a light tan color before finally being presented as brown, which is now considered his official skin color. Pimple has appeared in every Battletoads game, but not always as a playable character. He was not playable in the original Battletoads game and Battletoads (Game Boy), having been kidnapped prior to the start of both games. His first appearance as a playable character was in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs as player one's character. He continues on as a playable character in Battletoads & Double Dragon and Battletoads Arcade as readily accessible in both games.

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