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Blackwyche is an action-adventure game developed and published by Ultimate Play the Game, sequel to Entombed and the third installment in the Pendragon series, released in 1985 exclusively in Europe for Commodore 64. The game is presented in a 3D isometric format, and its setting and graphics were heavily inspired by real-life HMS Victory and the surrounding naval city of Portsmouth. It was followed by the final installment to the series later that year, Dragon Skulle.

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In the game, players take control of the aristocrat adventurer Sir Arthur Pendragon who is trapped on the board of a haunted galleon known as Blackwyche, with his main objective to free the lost soul of its former captain Richard Cavendish. As he explores the ship filled with skeletons and green-white ghosts Harpies, amongst having to avoid ship's obstacles to find the way he must find the items necessary to confront the captain's soul in his chamber.

There are various weapons on the ship that the player can use to defend against the enemy skeletons, and there are also jewels that the player can collect to increase their score.


Sir Arthur Pendragon and the Blackwyche itself make an appearance in Sea of Thieves.[citation needed]

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