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A character in the Killer Instinct series who first appears in Killer Instinct (2013 video game). Aganos is an ancient war construct, the last of their kind still running. Built as one of thousands by powerful Mycenean artisans roughly 3500 years before the events of the game, the construct was powered by the Eye of the Ancients, a relic that granted them sentience and power from the Astral Plane. Following the fall of Mycenae, the invaders removed the Eye to make the construct subservient, and would come to serve several masters as a tool of war for a thousand years, replacing damaged parts with whatever was available. Eventually, a Babylonian King placed the Eye back into the construct and gave them the name Aganos, teaching them kindness and the ways of the world hoping that they would overcome their original violent purpose. Years later, learning of Kan-Ra's survival and growing power, the now dying King tasks Aganos to find and kill Kan-Ra. As thanks for the king's kindness, Aganos pledges to fulfill his last request, and has since pursued Kan-Ra over the course of centuries, frequently engaging in combat but neither being able to destroy the other. Eventually, after Aganos pursued him to South America, Kan-Ra was captured by the Night Guard and imprisoned in there base, until 500 years later when Ultratech's attack released him. Forced to resume their pursuit, Aganos joins forces with Maya to track down Kan-Ra and face him again. However, Kan-Ra set up a trap for Aganos and stole some of the power of the Eye before escaping, leaving Aganos too weak to fight back as Cinder installs Fulgore technology to allow Ultratech to control them. Sent to attack Maya and her allies, Aganos is ultimately freed by Chief Thunder, who offers to help find Kan-Ra in exchange for help finding Eagle.

Aganos is the largest character in the Killer Instinct roster. They have the ability to gather up materials from the surroundings and into their body, affecting their strength and maneuverability. These resources can also be used as projectiles or to create destructible barriers to change the boundaries of the stage.

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