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A character who is mentioned throughout the Killer Instinct series and made their first physical appearance in Killer Instinct (2013 video game). Eagle, or Tipyeléhne, is a Nez Perce warrior and Chief Thunder's younger brother. Raised on a reservation in Idaho, Eagle became very skilled at boxing and archery, and after undergoing a vision quest began training to become a even better fighter, though he never told Thunder about what he saw that drove him to this. After their parents were killed near an Ultratech facility, Eagle became a member of the Disavowed and took part in the Killer Instinct tournament to infiltrate Ultratech. Unfortunately, he was caught in the act and captured, with Ultratech publicly reporting that he had been killed in the tournament. In truth, Eagle was kept in stasis while ARIA trapped his mind in a virtual world, interacting with him via a holographic avatar to study his mind and used the information as the template for the Fulgore Mk III's neural network. Ultimately, Eagle is freed from Ultratech by Glacius, who escapes with his body and uses his technology to augment Eagle's body. Along with a robotic bird assistant, Eagle allies with Glacius to destroy Ultratech and ARIA.

Eagle fights with a cybernetic tech short bow, for which he carries a small supply of arrows that he can recover. He is also aided by a cybernetic Weyekin spirit, whom Eagle can command to attack or retrieve stray arrows. As with Thunder, Microsoft actively collaborated with the Nez Perce nation to maintain authenticity to their culture when they were designing Eagle.

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