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Super R.C. Pro-Am

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Super R.C. Pro-Am is a racing game developed by Rare Ltd. in 1991 for the Game Boy. As the follow-up game to R.C. Pro-Am, the player controls a remote-controlled car from an out of vehicle perspective through a series of 24 tracks, avoiding obstacles and collecting items to improve their racing performance so as to finish in the top three and proceed to the next track. Obstacles include oil slicks that send the players' vehicle spinning, puddles of water that make the vehicle slide out of control, sand traps and "slow" cones that slow down the vehicle, larger cones that stop the vehicle altogether, and walls of tires that vehicles bounce off of. Running into multiple obstacles at once can damage the players' vehicle; hitting a tire wall while still spinning from an oil slick will damage the vehicle and lose time. Collectable items include "zippers" that give vehicles a speed boost, cages that protect the vehicle from damage by obstacles, explosives that can temporarily destroy opponents' vehicles, and spare parts that can improve the vehicle's performance. Players also have the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles by collecting letters distributed throughout the tracks. When they collect enough letters to spell "Nintendo", players can upgrade from a "Racer" to a "Speed Demon" and then to a "Spiker", each of which progressively perform better than the previous vehicle. If a player collects enough letters to spell "Nintendo" while racing with the "Spiker", they automatically win the game. Players can play by themselves against three computer opponents, or have two to four players compete against each other at once via Game Link Cable or the Four Player Adapter.

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