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R.C. Pro-Am II

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R.C. Pro-Am II is a racing game developed by Rare Ltd. in 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. As the sequel to R.C. Pro-Am, the game has many features similar to the original with a wider variety of race tracks, currency-based vehicle and weapon upgrades, and bonus stages. Many of the new tracks feature special terrains like snowy landscapes with icy patches, crossroads with ridges and bomb-dropping aircraft, and rivers with water and mud. Winning races earns the player money that they can use to buy weapons and upgrades that can improve their chances of success in future races. Players can also collect letters scattered throughout the tracks. When they collect enough to spell "PRO AM II", the player will receive a new, faster vehicle with better controls. Players can either play by themselves against three AI opponents, or in multiplayer with up to four players at once.

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