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Pssst Poster.jpg
Developer(s) Ultimate Play the Game
Publisher Ultimate Play the Game
Release date(s) 1983 (ZX Spectrum)
Genre(s) Shooter
Console(s) ZX Spectrum

Pssst is a 2D action game created by Ultimate Play the Game in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum console. In the game, the player takes on the role of Robbie the Robot, who is trying to grow a Thyrgodian Megga Chrisanthodil flower but it keeps getting attacked by pests and parasites. To that end, the player has to guide Robbie to use various tools, fertilizers and pesticides to help the flower grow, and fight off the bugs trying to eat the plant. In the early stages of the game, there will be only one type of bug to fend off, but as the player progresses more types of bugs will begin to swarm and different types of pesticides will be needed for each bug type. Since Robbie can only carry one item at a time, the player has to become more tactical in how to defend and grow their flower.

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