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Dinosaur Planet concept art

Drakor was a villain in Dinosaur Planet. He was a major character of the Kamerian race, who wanted to get rid of the Krazoa, resulting in a possible future where Sabre is killed in battle before Krystal travels back in time. The Kamerians are enemies with the Krazoa, and Drakor tells that his race did not start the Great War. Drakor wishes to end the Great War, even if it meant Dinosaur Planet would be destroyed.

Drakor is a red dragon-like dinosaur who wears a triple articulated leash. He has a mechanical claw as its right arm, suggesting that he is a cyborg.

No footage or images of Drakor within Dinosaur Planet have resurfaced as of yet, although concept art and design documents of Drakor have resurfaced.[1] In Star Fox Adventures, Drakor's role was reduced to only being the boss of Dragon Rock, and he has no speaking lines unlike in Dinosaur Planet.


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