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Double Dare

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Double Dare is a video game based on the Nickelodeon Double Dare game show published by GameTek, originally released for DOS computers and Commodore 64 in 1988, then ported for NES by Rare in 1990.

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The video game plays out in the same format as the game show. The first two rounds are 10-question trivia rounds, each of which start with a toss-up challenge. Round three - the obstacle course - features eight stages to be completed within 60 seconds. Toss-up challenges determine which team gets initial control of the trivia round. To complete a toss-up, each player has to determine the precise speed and angle of whatever object they were throwing to hit a target. Physical challenges are played in the same way. All questions are multiple choice, and each player can use the up or down arrows on the controller to make their selection. Three possible answers and either a dare, double dare, or physical challenge option are offered. The player confirms their selection by pressing the A button. Confirming a dare doubles the base dollar value of the question; a double dare quadruples the base dollar value.

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