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Cyberun is a scrolling shooter video game ostensibly developed by Ultimate Play the Game[citation needed] and published by U.S. Gold in 1986 for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX. Although not part of, it draws influence from the Jetman series, in that the spaceship under player's command must be reassembled from broken parts, afterwards set to seek out resources and power-ups. Like some other games, Cyberun was not written by the brothers Tim and Chris Stamper.[citation needed]

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Player takes command of a spaceship sent to the Zebarema planetary system to collect cybernite. But when it arrives at the system, the ship takes damage and the player has to collect the broken-off parts to make the ship fully functional again. Spaceship has to be navigated around enemies and hazards, with each planet having their own unique cast of each, as the player gathers as much cybernite as possible.

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