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Bubbler is a fantasy, action puzzle game published by Ultimate Play the Game in 1987 for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and MSX. In the game, the tyrannical wizard Vadra has enslaved the inhabitants of the ancient city of Irkon and made them into immobile blobs. To further strengthen his grip on the city, he has created giant bottles that spew magical bubbles that create mutant enemies that enforce his control. His former assistant Kintor has given you the ability to move and created magical corks that can be used to close the bottles to lessen Vadra's grip. Your task is to cork the bottles and overthrow the evil wizard. To that end, the player controls a blob that can roll, jump, and use chutes and elevators to move around a 3D system of platforms, towers and slopes. Enemies can be shot with mini bubbles. These enemies spawn from generators and bubbles that come from the bottles, five of which have to be corked on each level to allow the player to proceed. Since the player's blob has no features, a directional gauge is used to determine the facing of the bubble to show movement direction.

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