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Time Lord

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Time Lord is a side-scrolling action-platform game developed by Rare Ltd. in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the game, the year is 2999 and Earth is under siege by hostile aliens from the planet Drakkon. Through time travel, the Drakkon have sent armies to four periods in human history, intending to change history so that humankind will be easier to conquer in the present period. To that end, the player takes on the role of the "Time Lord", who has until January 1st, 3000 AD to defeat the Drakkon in the past, or else he and his time machine will self-destruct. The game starts off in the MB Time Travel Research Center, then progresses through the time periods of 1250 England, 1860 Western US, 1650 Caribbean and 1943 France. The player has no weapons at the start of each level, but can utilize the weapons available in each time period to combat the Drakkon forces. To complete the levels, the player has to collect five golden orbs to power up the time machine and defeat the boss who commands the Drakkon forces in that time period. The 3000 AD deadline affects the gameplay, as one day in the present time transpires in six seconds of being in the past. This gives the player 36 minutes and 30 seconds of gameplay time to complete all the levels and defeat the final boss, before the self-destruct takes effect.

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