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Theena's appearance in-game

Theena is the ruler of the Enchanted Kingdom, the mother of Kalus, and adoptive mother to Kameo in Kameo: Elements of Power. She is an elf, and is captured by Thorn and Kalus during the game's events.


Originally from the Twycross village, Theena met Solon during one of his ventures to the village for training from Terramus. Eventually they married and they, along with Halis, Lenya and Yeros moved to the Enchanted Kingdom.

Eventually Theena and Solon had a baby girl, a red-haired elf named Kalus. Up until the age of 5, the family thrived in joy, until the day that Solon mysteriously vanished, along with Thorn, both to never be heard from for the next 15 years...

In Solon's absence, 5 Elemental Sprites returned with a crying baby, whose cries, along with Kalus' screams, drew everyone to the garden. This is when they discovered that the baby held the Element of Power, and they knew that something terrible had happened to the Elven King.

Theena, distraught with despair, held the child and wept until the baby poked her cheek, gibbering happily. Theena took this as a sign to adopt the baby girl, naming her Kameo and making the family, including Kalus, swear to secrecy.

During the next 15 years, looking at Kalus became a painful reminder of Solon and Theena began to distance herself from her daughter, who needed her most, in favor of Kameo. This caused a divide between the two sisters as Theena lavished Kameo with attention, while actively avoiding her own daughter.

Kalus learned to not rely on others because of this, but still cared about Kameo as her little sister.

In the 3 weeks leading up to Kalus' 18th birthday and her coronation, Theena began to focus solely on overseeing preparations for the ceremony, while avoiding Kalus, but is still seen making some time to talk to Kameo, although briefly. As the ceremony grew closer, Theena continued avoiding Kalus, neglecting her duty as a queen to train the next heir, and as her mother to comfort and assure her.

The Elemental Stand Incident

Two days before the ceremony, Kameo wonders into Theena's bedroom and breaks the biggest taboo of touching the Element of Power. As she cleans and admires the powerful relic, Kalus walks in. She demands to know what Kameo is doing, both angry and scared of the Jewel being damaged.

Kameo stumbles to explain but Kalus shoves her away from the stand in her rage. As Kameo steps back, Kalus trips on her skirt and bumped into the Elemental stand. It crashed loudly on the ground and Kalus screamed in fright, while Kameo froze in place, hands covering her mouth.

Theena rushes in and demands to know what the two are doing, before grabbing Kalus' arm really hard and yelling at Kalus, calling her irresponsible and saying she cannot trust her. When Kalus tries to explain, Theena doesn't listen, as she was too angry to hear either of them. She sends both of them to their rooms, having to tell them twice due to the two being in shock.

As the two stepped into the hallway, Kalus gives Kameo a horrible look, before she starts crying and flies to her room, slamming the door. Kameo is left to feel guilty and walks back to her room, where the two spend a day. While Kameo is brought food the next day, it's implied Kalus isn't brought anything. Kalus spends the night crying and wondering if her mother ever loved her at all. Kameo writes that she could hear her crying.

The next day, Theena sends a note to both Kameo and Kalus, with Kameo's arriving first and Kalus' telling her to come later. In her excitement to finally learn about the Element of Power and hear many stories of her father, Kalus grabs a scroll and rushes to her mother's room.

When Kameo arrives in Theena's room, Kameo immediately tries to explain that the fight wasn't Kalus' fault but Theena shushes her before she can. She tells Kameo that she will pass the Element of Power and kingdom to Kameo, not Kalus.

Kameo knows this is wrong and tries to explain, but again, Theena won't let her, commanding her to kneel as she gives her the Element of Power. As Kameo feels it's power, Kalus walks in. She spins Kameo around, seeing the Element of Power and is consumed by fury. Fed up with her mother playing favourites, Kalus unleashes her rage as verbal abuse, hurting Kameo's heart, as Kalus flies off. Theena, feeling remorse for not even giving her daughter a chance, flies after her but Kalus manages to lose her, then find and free The Troll King.

Theena then seeks advise from The Mystic, who finds Kalus and sends the queen on her way. She and the other ancestors arrive to a trap, where Kalus finally unleashed her rage and fury from years of mistreatment from her family.


  • The item on Theena's belt is the model for the original Element of Power from the GameCube version
  • Theena avoids Kalus, due to her strong resemblance to Solon.
  • It is implied that Theena has severe anger issues and there are hints in Kameo's journal that this may be taken out on Kalus.
  • In the Xbox version, when Meepo was still in game, Halis is seen holding Theena back, who is swiping at the small dragon in fury, causing him to hide behind Lenya. Theena then casts the Ultimate Curse, with no regard for Lenya's safety, as she barely manages to dodge.
  • In the Xbox version, Theena is seen shocking Ortho when he gets upset from Kameo touching the pages of the Wotnot.
  • After being rescued by Kameo, Theena will praise her and question where The Mystic is but will say nothing about Kalus' sacrifice to save them from Thorn and make amends.
  • Theena is the only NPC that you cannot attack.
  • Theena's hair is black.
  • After landing on the escaping airship, Theena does not try to look for Kalus as at that point she did not know about her sacrifice.
  • It is implied that Theena has not hugged Kalus since Solon's death 15 years ago.
  • During the 3 weeks leading up to Kalus' coronation, Theena avoids training Kalus to receive the Element of Power, causing Kalus to begin to have nervous breakdowns before relying on herself.
  • Theena does not like to wear the Element of Power and will keep it on a stand in her bedroom.
  • Theena is a good queen but will often withdraw at the mention of Solon.
  • Throughout Kameo's childhood, Theena would make a lot of time for her adopted daughter, reading her stories every night and hugging her at every opportunity.