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Sneaky Snakes

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Sneaky Snakes is an action sidescroller game developed by Rare Ltd. in 1991 for the Game Boy. A pseudo-sequel to Snake Rattle 'n' Roll, the story revolves around the snakes Attila and Genghis, who set out to save Sonia Snake from the Nasty Nibbler. Taking the role of either Attila or Genghis, the player has to navigate around obstacles as they collect Nibbleys to lengthen the snakes' bodies so that they can open the exit gate to the next level. Each level has a 99 second time limit, and if that runs out, a giant ax will appear to chase after the player until there is nothing left of them. To prevent this from happening, the player can collect clocks that add another 30 seconds to the time limit. Players can also link up one Game Boy to another for two player co-op.

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