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Snare Kameo artwork.png
Artwork of Snare
Species Elemental Warrior
Game appearances Kameo: Elements of Power

Snare is one of the ten Elemental Warriors appearing in Kameo: Elements of Power that has powerful jaws and has the ability to bite, swallow or spit out enemies, as well as spew acid. His element is Forest.


As the King of the Twelfth Age greedily sought for wealth and treasures across the land, his travels led him into the darkest, densest jungle of the land. One by one his guards fell victim to the heat, the foliage or to wild beasts and yet the king-aided by his many Elemental Warriors-pressed on alone. Eventually, the King arrived at the ruins of an ancient Sargothan temple. This long-lost race of soothsayers had little treasure to offer, but the temple was home to another Elemental Sprites. Once restored to the Wotnot Book its identity was clear: it was Snare, whose elemental might kept the choking weeds and poisonous nettles at bay so that healthy plants could grow.

In the games

Snare is recovered when Yeros is released upon Queen Thyra's defeat. Outside of combat, Snare is primarily used for flinging explosive insects around. This becomes a key part of defeating Lord Drok and is the only way of damaging him.


  • Bite - Snare grabs hold of his prey when the right trigger is pulled.
  • Spit - Snare forcibly ejects anything in his maw after first biting and then pulling the right trigger.
  • Root Tremor - Snare summons roots to strike enemies with a pull of the left trigger. Can unearth certain enemies.
  • Root - Pulling both left and right triggers plants Snare to the spot, opening up a new range of techniques including throwing things from his mouth and whacking foes with his head.
  • Roam - While rooted, Snare can free himself after a pull of the left and right triggers.
  • Lockjaw - Snare plays with his food; pulling the left trigger sends the foe into the air after which Snare clamps down as soon as it drops.
  • Toxic Bile - Pulling the right trigger while rooted will douse enemies in a poisonous bile.
  • Rootquake - Upgrade of Root Tremor with greater range.



  • Snare, along with Pummel Weed and Ash are one of the few Warriors whose design and concept lasted throughout the development of Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Snare's design is greatly similar to Audrey II, the monster plant and main villain of Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Oddly, Snare can summon roots through any surface, even while on an Airship.
  • Snare was one of the five Elemental Sprites who brought Kameo to the Enchanted Kingdom. Theena gave him to Yeros for safe keeping.
  • From Snare's in-game description, one can infer that he was discovered in the Ogre's Swamp.