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Sid Meier's Pirates!

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Sid Meier's Pirates! is an adventure game ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System by Rare Ltd. in 1991. In the game, the player does not actually take on the role of a pirate, but of a privateer in the service of either Spain, the Netherlands, England or France. However, because of the game's open-ended style of gameplay, the player can change their loyalties over time and may even become a pirate. The player may choose to attack enemy ships or towns, hunt pirates, seek buried treasure, rescue long lost family members, or even avoid violence altogether by becoming a trader. There is no predetermined "end", although it becomes harder to recruit people as time goes on. The game ends when the player retires, upon which they will be given position in their future life, from beggar to Advisor, based on their wealth, land, rank, marital status and other accomplishments.

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