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Rubble artwork.png
Artwork for Kameo: Elements of Power
Species Rock monster
Affiliation Kameo
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)

Rubble is one of the ten Elemental Warriors in Kameo: Elements of Power. He is a stone-elemental warrior who is found in the Mushroom Cave, captured by a Shadow Troll. He is the second Elemental Warrior to be retrieved by Kameo. Rubble is simply a pile of rocks, but is very useful.



  • Sling Stone: By pressing the Left Trigger, Rubble fires one of his rocks across the ground. This can be used to stun enemies. The rock rolls back to him after firing.
  • Stone Chip: By pressing the Right Trigger, Rubble fires one of his rocks in a high arc. This can be used to stun enemies, and also useful for hitting hard-to-reach objects. This can also be used to damage Shield Trolls, by allowing the rock to return to Rubble, stunning them from behind. The rock rolls back to him after firing.
  • Gravel Blast: By holding the Left and Right Triggers, Rubble can charge up an attack, exploding himself into many rocks. This can be used to hit multiple enemies when you are surrounded. The rocks return to Rubble after the attack.


  • Razor Stone: This upgrade adds spikes to Rubble's stones, allowing his attacks to deal more damage. Unfortunately, the rocks take longer to return to Rubble.
  • Rapid Charge: This upgrade decreases the time it takes to charge Rubble's Gravel Blast attack.
  • Stone Storm: While moving, by pressing the Left and Right Triggers, Rubble can fire all of his rocks in front of him, like a machine gun. While using the skill, you can move Rubble to target other enemies.



  • Rubble's unlockable skin from the "Kameo: Design-A-Skin" contest changes the pattern of Rubbles rocks to a white and brown pattern.
  • Rubble was created as a joke, when a Rare member said to create a monster out of a pile of bricks.[citation needed]