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the crystal is an object that appeared in Star Fox Adventures where the main character Krystal was trapped inside a crystal the whole entire game By Andross who watch her every Move and push her as she remains there until all the five remaining spirits are found.


As Krystal Completed her test however she not realize that she was being watched by an unfamiliar Force No other then Andross before she could say anything she turned around and know who was her enemy however he put her in the crystal where she remains trapped as elevator to the top of the building as she wakes up inside the crystal without saying anything as she knows that she remains trapped there as he disappears and begins to drain her life force as he waited for the perfect person to find the five remaining spiritS so he can be we Resurrected.

however Fox McCloud who took over her place not only found her staff as she first lost in the beginning of the game when General General Scales Attack her And Became friends with Prince tricky And found the second spirit as he went to the palace and first met her while she was still in prison in it felt pretty bad for her however that did not stop him all his request To save her.


after he found the five remaining spirits after the last And final Spirit was Hidden inside of General Scales the whole entire time after Andross Force him to give up the last spirit so he can be revived things went totally wrong as he and the god agrees to if all the five hidden remaining spirits are found she will be free but however a price begins to pay as all the spirits went through her one by one however Andross immediately has Trick him after it was over the crystal was destroyed After she was free from her in prison.


  • the crystal appeared after she completed her first test but however after all the six remaining spirits are found again the crystal was Destroy after she was free from her inprison.