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Lunar Jetman

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Lunar Jetman is a 2D horizontally scrolling shooter game published by Rare Ltd. for the ZX Spectrum in 1983 and BBC Micro in 1984. As a sequel to Jetpac, the player takes on the role of Jetman, who has now crash landed on an undiscovered planet inhabited by hostile aliens intent on destroying Earth. The gameplay is similar to it predecessor, except this time Jetman's jetpac has a limited fuel supply so he can't stay airborne for too long. To compensate, Jetman has access to a lunar rover that can refuel his jetpac and quickly traverse flat terrain. Another new feature is that the player now has to locate a bomb within each level, and carry it on the rover to an enemy base to destroy it, before the level's timer runs out.

The game was followed by a third episode, Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship released for the NES in 1990, with all four games in the Jetman series in 2015 included in the compilation Rare Replay.

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